First Call for Abstracts!

NORDROCS 2024 in Sweden/Uppsala – September 9-12

– 9th Joint Nordic Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites


First Call for Abstracts: Deadline November 15, 2023. Information regarding submission of abstracts can be found attached and on the conference webpage

The objective of NORDROCS is to address issues on the assessment and risk management of contaminated land and sediment in the context of Nordic conditions. The conference intends to provide a forum for the exchange of information gathered through research and project experience. The conference is targeted at scientists, regulators, consultants, contractors, authorities and other professionals working with contaminated sites and sediments in the Nordic countries and other countries in Northern Europe and around the Baltic Sea.

The NORDROCS conferences are “Crossing Borders” with the goal to share and discuss the way we manage contaminated land within the Nordic countries. Across the borders of the Nordic countries, we have a common interest and openness regarding development inside and outside the Nordic region. This is also true when it comes to remediation of contaminated sites. The Nordic countries have large natural and demographic variations. This has led to differences in approach and focus of the efforts to remediate contaminated sites. Therefore we have developed knowledge about different parts of the field of remediation of contaminated sites and this gives us a great opportunity to learn from each other. 

Key topics for 2024 are f.ex.: Soil, Rock and Groundwater, Sediment and Surface Water, Indoor Air, Management, Administration and Policy, Soil and Concrete as a Resource, Contaminants of Emerging Concern, Mining – please see list in the Call for Abstract


We look forward to receiving many exciting and interesting abstracts. Please use the abstract template on the conference webpage:


Please visit the webpage for continuous updates


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